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Asuncion Castaneda (Chawn)

Recovery Coach

Chawn has been working as a recovery coach at Hannahville Behavioral Health since 2013. He is a Certified Peer Mentor.  Chawn and his wife live close to Hannahville and he has been a part of the Hannahville Community for many years.  Chawn was born and raised in South Chicago.  Chawn is from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan and is also Southern Aztec.  As part of his job, Chawn provides support for people in recovery or people who are working toward recovery.  He helps hook them up with resources, like the food pantry, and takes them to appointments.  He organizes meetings and talking circles on the reservation.  Sometimes he just needs to be there when people want to talk.  He also helps with the community’s sober housing program, which is where the halfway house used to be.  He keeps in regular contact with the residents of the program and does what he can to help them reach the goals they set for themselves as they work to become more independent.


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